Jon Corriveau


National Cheesecake Day


Pereira O'Dell

Cheesecake Factory


March 2020

In the summer of 2019 we were approached by the fine folks of San Francisco based Pereira & O'Dell to bring to life an idea they had for the quickly approaching National Cheesecake Day, and sweet deals that come with it.

We were thrilled with their ideas for educating the hangry masses to these once-every-365-days deals. Plus, we got to taste test all sorts of delicious cake 🍰.

When discussing the agency’s vision for the project, we realized that shooting these spinning plates of food in-camera was going to be a challenge. We would need a motion control system & a hefty post schedule to account for roto and compositing in post.

We decided the best path forward was by making a 100% CG spot. This was tough. Yummy looking CG food is hard. Thankfully, our Houdini-focused 3D pipeline is purpose built for this type of challenge.

Houdini Master Scene

Geometry Creation in Houdini

Custom volume modelling toolset for cake geometry